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I am Woman

by Rachel Kelly on Mar 05, 2024

I am Woman

Dear OSleeve Tribe,

In the spirit of International Women's Day, I'm reaching out to share some reflections that sit close to my heart, weaving together global celebration and the intimate, personal journeys we all navigate. This day shines a light on our collective progress towards gender equality, while also highlighting the nuanced challenges still ahead. It invites us to pause, to reflect, and to appreciate the complex interplay between collective action and individual experience.

Rosa Parks' act of defiance has always resonated with me, a stark reminder of the courage it takes to stand up against systemic injustices. But it's important to also remember figures like Claudette Colvin, a 15-year-old who refused to move to the back of the bus nine months before Rosa Parks made her stand. Colvin's story, and those of countless others (before and after her) who defied unjust laws yet remained unsung heroes in the annals of history, underscores the essence of International Women's Day. It’s a reminder that every act of courage, no matter how widely recognized, plays a crucial role in our collective journey toward equality.

Yet, as we celebrate, we also confront the complexities of the fight for gender equality. It's a journey marked by achievements and setbacks, by the push and pull of societal norms and the personal battles waged in the shadows. My own path has been no exception, navigating a world where assertiveness is misconstrued, ambition is questioned, and success is scrutinized. These experiences have taught me the value of resilience, the importance of authenticity, the power of direct communication, and the pursuit of equity over mere equality.


One of the key facets not often discussed in either equality or equity is biological differences, which contribute to the diversity of human experience. The effects of internal and artificial hormones play a significant role in shaping our realities, bringing their own set of challenges and advantages. For instance, testosterone and estrogen levels influence behaviors and capacities in ways that are often overlooked in conversations about equality; whether it be part of a natural (organ-secreted) hormonal cycles or by external design. Recognizing these differences is crucial, not to reinforce stereotypes, but to foster a deeper understanding of equity. It's about acknowledging that while we strive for equal opportunities, our approaches must be nuanced, reflecting the varied landscapes of our lives.

The role of men and allies in this journey is pivotal. True progress is only achievable when we work together, leveraging our unique strengths to foster a more inclusive and understanding society. It's about moving beyond conflict, recognizing that our collective efforts can propel humanity forward in remarkable ways.

My aspiration for the future is simple: to see people as people. We're all travelers on this spinning rock, seeking to make sense of our existence and contribute positively to the world. Let's strive to uplift one another, transcending biological makeup and focusing on our shared humanity.

I'm profoundly grateful for my upbringing in a country that recognized me for who I am, more than my gender. Despite encountering biases, I've been encouraged to stand up for myself and fight for what I believe is right. Today, as the co-founder of OSleeve, I'm honored to create a space that champions vibrant wellbeing and unlocks potential, empowering not just women, but everyone, to find their path.

This International Women's Day, let's commit to seeing beyond the constraints of gender, to championing the unique strengths and qualities every individual brings to our collective table. Let's celebrate our progress, confront our challenges, and continue to work together towards a world where everyone can thrive, unencumbered by gender-based limitations. Together, we can create a future that honors the true essence of humanity, in all its diverse and splendid forms.

Happy International Women’s Day!