Day-to-Day Use of the O.Sleeve

Which option is better for heavy use?

We often get asked about which style and color is best for the type of activities they do while wearing their smart ring. 

As all our sleeves are crafted from Silicone, each one is designed for heavy-duty use. However, if you lead an active lifestyle involving activities like gardening or weight lifting, we highly recommend the Matte Black option as it's less likely to attract dirt and grime.

Please see our care guide on ensuring you keep all sleeves last longer

I have a really beautiful Gold, Silver, Rose Gold or Gucci finish to my smart ring. What can I do to continue seeing this color, while keeping it protected from scratches or damage?

Yes, with our Luxe Clear, you still see the beauty behind the OSleeve; particularly with the gold, rose gold, silver and Gucci options that shine through the material. For these, it has a 'barely-there' look (check out our IG for examples). However, much like a brand new Apple iPhone, a cell phone protection case never does the design as much justice as the native, uncovered product… But that's the price you pay to protect your expensive device (whether that be a smart ring or an iPhone). If you want to provide the MOST robust protection, go with the OSleeve Matte Black. That will make the silver, gold, rose gold, or Gucci Oura look more like a Stealth Black version while you wear the protection.

How long does it take for my OSleeve to mattify?

The OSleeve 3.0 exudes a glossy finish at first but it usually takes around 4 to 7 days of 24 hours use for the OSleeve to mattify.

Why did we change the packaging?

We want to reduce waste as much as we can so we thought it’s time for a fresh new look that will mirror the quality and innovation of our OSleeves. Since we have experienced in-transit damage to our packages, the new pull-out box version has been made super sturdy so it arrives safely. 

Your smart ring, OSleeve and even your charger fits in! The drawstring pouch is perfect for travelling. We added this additional layer of protection to allow you to bring it anywhere you go. Convenience at its fullest!

Is the OSleeve hard to get on and off?

Simple answer. No, not unreasonably hard. However, it still depends on a few factors:

If your Oura Ring is on the upper size bracket of an OSleeve size (e.g. Your Oura is a size 8 and you've purchased a size Small OSleeve), you might find the first time you install the OSleeve it is a bit tight. However, as you continue to use it, the OSleeve will relax slightly, adjusting to that larger size over time and making it easier to put on and take off. The OSleeve needs to be a reasonably snug otherwise it won't resist twisting motions, but from a day-to-day use you shouldn't have any trouble putting it on or off as needed for protection.

Ordering & Shipment

How long does it takes to receive my order?

If you change your mind and you'd like to cancel your order before it has been shipped, we will absolutely do that without charge and refund your money 100%. Just send us an email at or hit 'reply' on your order invoice. Our customer service team will be happy to help you.

If your O.Sleeve has already been shipped...that creates more of a challenge as international shipping ranges from about NZ$6 - NZ$20/parcel (the downside to living on the bottom of the earth).

While we're working on third-party logistics to lower the price of shipping, canceling your order after it's been picked up by the courier is not possible.