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Update on sizing brackets for a snugger fit

by Rachel Kelly on Apr 16, 2024

Update on sizing brackets for a snugger fit

As the seasons change, so do we – adapting, evolving, and refining. Today, we're here to share an update that's been shaped by your experiences and feedback: an update to our OSleeve sizing brackets, ensuring your smart ring stays snug, no matter your daily hustle.

A Tighter Embrace for Smaller Sizes

For our size 6 warriors, we've seen your commitment to lifting and acknowledged the need for a closer fit. In response, we'll be tweaking our tools to tighten up the small (S) sleeve fit, providing an unwavering companion to your Oura ring.

This will happen at the same time as us launching the OSleeve Ultra Collection in a few months, which will be a stronger, thicker and more snug OSleeve for those extra heavy activities (more details to come!).

Revised Sizing Brackets (effective for ordering immediately)

  • Small (S): Now for sizes 6 to 9, our updated S bracket ensures a snug fit for those of you at the edge of the sizing spectrum. 

  • Medium (M): Redefined for sizes 10 to 12, the M bracket is tailored to secure your ring with the perfect balance of comfort and protection, especially during those high-weight lifts that test both your strength and your sleeve.

  • Large (L): For sizes 13 and above, the L bracket remains your ring's steadfast defender, allowing you to push your limits without hesitation. This is especially helpful for other smart rings that extend bigger than size 13.

If you're a long-term OSleeve wearer and loved the previous sizing bracket for your size 6, 9, or12 smart ring, then just stick to it. 

Listening and Lifting Together

This change was born from your shared stories – particularly from those who channel their passion into weightlifting. We've heard about OSleeves that felt looser over time and the skirts that faced the risk of torsion tears because of this extra give. Your journey is our blueprint; your feedback, our tools for innovation.

Fit for Your Fervor

Your active lifestyle demands more than just a passive accessory. It requires a dynamic shield that moves with you and molds to you. The new sizing update isn't just about dimensions; it's about delivering an experience that feels custom-made for the dedication you wear on your sleeve – literally. We will be making tweaks to our tools for future collections, but for now, this is a solid solution to keep things snug and to ensure even those using the OSleeve for every day wear keeps things cuddly.

The Road Ahead

The journey to perfection is perpetual, and we're committed to walking it hand in hand with you. We'll continue to refine and adjust, not just our OSleeves, but our service, our support, and our community engagement. After all, we're in this fitness journey together – through every rep, set, and personal best.

In gratitude for your support and patience, we invite you to check out the new brackets and find your perfect fit. Let’s lift the standard of what you expect from your OSleeve – here's to crushing goals with confidence and comfort!

Shop the new fit, fuel your fire, and as always, keep lifting with heart.

Stay bold, stay fitted, and above all, stay on the path to vibrant well-being.

Warm regards,

The OSleeve Team