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Size 6 - 9 (Small)
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Size 13+ (Large)
Product Description

The perfect blend of elegance and functionality. Crafted with precision and designed to elevate your everyday Oura Ring experience, the OSleeve 3.0 is made from high-quality silicone, ensuring a luxurious feel and a durable, long-lasting companion.

The OSleeve Black is an opaque black that adds a touch of sophistication to your smart ring. While it might arrive with a slight sheen, your natural oils will adjust into a beautiful matte finish, converting any colour Oura ring into a stealth design while providing a layer of protection.

Engineered with your comfort in mind, the OSleeve Black offers an incredibly soft and supple texture. The silicone material provides a gentle, non-slip grip, ensuring a secure hold while minimizing the risk of wear and tear. Say goodbye to fingerprints and smudges, as the mattified surface repels unsightly marks, keeping your device looking pristine. This sleeve is designed to fit snugly around your device, hugging every curve and contour.

The OSleeve Black not only provides excellent protection against scratches, bumps, and minor drops, but it also safeguards your device from dust and debris. The silicone material acts as a shield, keeping your device in pristine condition, and ensuring that it remains as good as new.

Invest in the ultimate accessory for your device and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with superior protection and a touch of sophistication.


Designed to snugly wrap around the edges, the OSleeve stays in place without affecting the collection of biometrics while keeping a low profile to maximize comfort.

Using a special combination of soft, flexible material, the OSleeve Black ensures fingers and hands stay comfortable against hard surfaces while protecting your valuable smart ring from scuffs and scratches.

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Fit and Care

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Let's Get Dressed (and Undressed)

When designing the OSleeve, we worked to make it easy to install and remove from your smart ring. That's especially important if you're only wanting to use your OSleeve when working out or doing hand-intensive activity that could easily damage your ring (hint: metal against metal never ends well for a smart ring).

And guess what the best part is?

If you already know your smart ring size, selecting an OSleeve size is easy.

We've carefully selected our materials to be able to safely stretch up to 3 ring sizes without tearing or sacrificing function. So, within the sizing drop down, you'll see your smart ring brand and their specific sizing brackets.

Just select the right brand and your size and BOOM! You've got OSleeve magic in your cart.

Installation and Care Instructions (with FAQ)

How to Keep Your OSleeve Looking Good for Longer

  1. If your OSleeve gets dirty or exposed to dye or transferrable color, please put it into clean water ASAP. Use your fingers to rub the surface of the OSleeve with colorless soap & dry with a clean cloth.
  2. Every 3-5 days, take your OSleeve off your smart ring & wipe down with a dry, clean cloth. This is especially true if you shower or wash your hands with the OSleeve installed as it will trap water.
  3. When not on your smart ring, please store somewhere clean & dry. Our OSleeve will pick up dust/dirt when they're thrown into your gym or handbag. 
  4. Take your OSleeve off during the application of facial/body lotions & oils. You can put it back on after they've been applied. What we do, is just take off both the smart ring and OSleeve as a paired unit, put on our lotions/oils, then put the smart ring/OSleeve unit back on.
  5. If you'd like an alternate option to use when you're working with things that would affect the clarity or aesthetic of your OSleeve, you might like to purchase a fully opaque color such as black. 
  6. If your OSleeve no longer fits your smart ring snugly, please email us.


Comparison Table



(“Soft Touch”)


(Rolling out 2024)

Date Range

March 2022 -
October 2022

October 2022 -
February 2023

June 2023 -
December 2023

December 2023 -

Resistance to discolouring












Matte, seamless

Available Colours

Transparent, Black

Clear, Black, Frosted

Clear, Black, White, Blue, Pink, Gray

Clear, Black, White, Blue, Pink, Gray

Best use

Everyday wear, Light to Heavy duty bar work


Everyday wear, light to medium duty bar work

Everyday wear, light to heavy duty bar work

Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Matt A

Absolutely 5 star experience with customer service (shoutout to Ginny and Rachel, who were delightful to work with through a difficult shipping circumstance.)

Before my Osleeve journey I spent a lot of time comparing Oura v Whoop watch. I'm a stomach sleeper, and the sleep data is important to me. I picked Oura to avoid smashing a watch into my face all night.

That said, I do CrossFit and working out with a barbell or doing pullups is completely not possible with an Oura ring. I had given up on tracking fitness data with my ring... and then I found Osleeve. (Thanks Reddit)

Now that my ring is safely ensconced within this AMAZING and expertly engineered little doodad, I can get the best of both worlds: fitness data from the barbell workouts, plus sleep data from the stomach sleeper. Win, win. :)

Thanks Osleeve!

Wayne G

Improved from the previous version. Very effective protector.


Wonderful product. Excellent customer service when I had an issue. Stays in place and looks like a nice silicone ring.


Improved from the previous version. Very effective protector.

Daniel W

I recommend viewing this as a utilitarian protective sleeve instead of a fashionable addition to your Oura Ring. Does well to prevent dings and scratches, but also attracts lint and dust and very much looks like a sticky rubber band. In addition, it took 3 weeks to arrive (coming from New Zealand to the US, but still—quite a long time). I don’t know if it’s worth the cost but I do see the value in it in terms of keeping the ring protected so that the ring can be worn unadorned for nicer occasions.