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Time Moves Slower When You're Waiting for Your OSleeve

by Rachel Kelly on May 11, 2023

Time Moves Slower When You're Waiting for Your OSleeve

To our incredible OSleeve Tribe,:

We know some of you have been anxiously watching the tracking information and wondering why your OSleeve is taking so long to arrive. We apologise if you're experiencing a delay in receiving your order. We feel your pain!

While we do our best to ensure that all orders are shipped on time and arrive quickly, the truth is that some things are just out of our hands. International transit delays due to border closure backlogs can cause up to 10 days of delay for tracked items, and domestic delivery may take 1-3 additional days.

We totally understand that these delays can be frustrating, especially when you're anxiously waiting to receive your new OSleeve to keep your Oura Ring safe. Time can seem to drag on forever when you're waiting for something you really care about.

It's no fun, but we can assure you that your OSleeve is on its way. To check up on the status of your order and get an estimate of when it will arrive in your country, head over to NZ Post and use their tracking system.

You can often use that same tracking code with your local national postal system to get more detail, such as which sorting centre your package is transitioning through.

Let us know if you have any questions or concerns – we're here for you!