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What to expect with your OSleeve

by Rachel Kelly on May 23, 2022

What to expect with your OSleeve

Why did we make the OSleeve?

Because when we worked out, lifted, gardened, or used any metal tools, our smart rings would lose.

Almost every single time.

What we didn’t necessary design it for, was to be worn all the time…even though it’s your OSleeve’s fave thing to do.

That doesn’t mean you can’t (because we do), it’s just that it’s a very personal preference.

Just a few things to note.

Smaller Hands Might Feel It More

For some, the Oura Ring is already bulky on their fingers. And while the OSleeve has been designed to be as thin as possible (without losing its fit for purpose) it does add 0.8mm to the size.

It’s such a fraction of a difference but for those already bothered by the ring, it will make it worse.

We aren’t going to hide that.

You just gotta know that going in and the smaller your hands, the more you'll likely notice it being there.

HOWEVER, when you’re doing hand intensive activities (metal vs smart ring)…putting on the O.Sleeve as a protector during those activities is 💯 worth the investment. 

Wet "Suit" vs. Dry "Suit"

If you wear the OSleeve installed as a "semi-permanent smart ring buddy" and you wash your hands while wearing it, a very small amount of water will get trapped between the OSleeve and the smart ring. It's not designed to form a seal.

For many, they find it's barely noticeable and they usually do #2 below. However, for some it becomes bothersome.

There are three solutions:

  1. Temporarily remove your ring while you wash and dry your hands. <- this is actually good hand hygiene etiquette. Why? Because bacteria and skin fungus LOVE warm, moist areas. Underneath a ring is one of their fave places to play when not dried well. This has nothing to do with the OSleeve or your smart ring's just recommended practice with any ring. We talk about it in our installation and care video.
  2. Wash and dry your hands well, with your OSleeve installed. Intermittently (throughout the day), remove your OSleeve and give it a good dry. Place it back on again. We show this in our care video too.
  3. You might like to consider purchasing a Black version. That color is completely opaque so you won't see the wetness. However, in our opinion #1 or #2 is still recommended even if you do buy a that's just good hand hygiene and skin care. Be warned...not drying it regularly will likely breed mold and smelly stuff.

A final word on this. If that wetness really bothers you, you might like to only wear your OSleeve when you know you're going to engage in activities that might damage your smart ring. Again, when you’re doing hand intensive activities (metal vs smart ring)…putting on the heavy duty Black OSleeve options as a protector during those activities is 💯 worth the investment. 

As we perfect the materials, colors and overall design, we may work towards semi-permanent protection.

But first…let’s just keep it safe during those “worse case” moments and go from there.

Model is wearing @ouraring in gold (size 10) and an OSleeve Frosty White in size M. #smartringprotection #ouraring #ourasleeve #ouraprotection #protectyoursmarts #smartring #biohacking #osleeve