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Why did we create the OSleeve

by Rachel Kelly on Nov 01, 2021

Why did we create the OSleeve

We're active and busy hustlers who love using wearables to support our 'whole health' journey. But we're also rough with our stuff. When we buy a new phone or watch, the next thing we buy is a screen protector or watch bumper. But when we purchased our Oura Rings, we looked around and no one had good solutions...unless you wanted to cut off a piece of rubber hose and slip it over your ring like a weirdo. Seriously? Not cool.

So, we used our knowledge and experience in silicone wedding rings (we sold that business a year ago) to design our a sleeve that was a custom fit for the Oura. And it didn't just have to be comfortable and had to look good too.

We're on a mission to give people a way to protect their Oura Rings, no matter what they're doing. Whether they're a firefighter wrangling metal gussets, electrician or mechanic protecting their fingers from burns or electrical shock, an avid sportsperson wielding a racket or a health hero lifting, pulling, or pushing hard, heavy things to take their bodies to the next level. 

We created this for you. So you can continue capturing valuable health insights and all that hard work...without sacrificing comfort. 

Let's get you OSleeved up.